Look Well - Feel Well - Be Well

About Us

`a Tontour is  French for "Your Turn"

At Tontour we believe it is "Your Turn" to Look Well-Feel Well-Be Well. Our products are all natural, and free from artificial, synthetic, and other toxic ingredients. They are designed to help cool and calm the body and restore and renew the skin.

About Our Founder

Joy L. Trammell

In 2016, I launched my first product "Heavenly Breeze Cooling Mist"  an all-natural cooling spray for hot flashes and night sweats, due to my own personal struggle with hot flashes and night sweats,  I wanted something natural free of  hormones that I could spray on for quick relief.  My product has provided temporary relief for countless women, with it's cooling and calming effect. 

In 2018, I decided to expanded my product line, and I develop a line of all natural body products designed to nourish the skin without compromising your well being.  My body butter and lip butters  are formulated with pure essential oil and other natural ingredients.  Their theraputic formulation helps to restore and renew the skin, body and soul.  

My products are made in the USA, in Aiken, SC., and I pray over every product before it leaves the distribution center.

Thank you for trying our products, and God bless you.


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