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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you for this product. It has made an instant difference when "the heat is on!" I carry it everywhere, in order to spray the cooling mist when needed. And, it has a refreshing fragrance.

~Annette Bell, Sterling Heights, Mi

 As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I appreciate the benefits of aromatherapy. There is evidence-based science purporting the incorporation of specific scents (utilizing essential oils) as viable treatments for many things including depression, sleeplessness and hot flashes. Heavenly Breeze Cooling Mist contains beautiful and cooling essential oils. I've recommended this product to my perimenopausal clients.    Cyndi Berg Foster Catts   5 *****

 It's very refreshing and it truly worked for me.. Thank you so much for letting me experience something like this!!   Kisha Mcduffie   5 *****

 Heavenly Mist Cooling Spray really works! Whenever I start feeling heat going through my body I spray Heavenly Mist on my neck and can literally feel the cool down happen immediately. It's natural, hormone free and made with only the safest and best ingredients. One suggestion? Buy a couple to have in different places so you're not looking for your bottle when you nee it! If you experience hot flashes this is a MUST HAVE!  Abigail May Tiefenthaler, Aiken, SC  5*****


I had a headache and my back was really hurting. Used the heavenly breeze spray and man I felt immediate relief. Wow.  Joel leopard  Aiken, SC5 *****


Y'all! I seriously can't believe this stuff! I had the worst migraine yesterday. So bad I had to wear sunglasses inside and felt very nauseous. I used Heavenly Breeze on the back on my neck and it started to cease. This is going to stay in my purse with my other emergency stuff ��� Nicole Leopard, Aiken, SC 5 *****


I applied my mist prior to a night of hot flashes and I slept like a baby!!!

Freddie Williams Lanett, AL 5*****

 I purchase some of the Heavenly Breeze because I was suffering with hot flashes, after a couple of sprays to the back of my neck the relief I had was amazing, this is an awesome product and I will never use anything else..... Nieci's Green Bites  5*****